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Spirit of the Flame - 70 days following the Olympic Torch
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Have you ever felt like your connection with God was slipping out of your grasp? Then try connecting with God another way.

Ben Fox hobbled and hopped along the main street in Royal Wootton Bassett today. Only having one leg, Ben had to use a crutch to support himself, while carrying the Olympic Torch. At times along the 300m stretch, he had to change hands to hold the torch as it was slipping from his grip. He paused, and even shook hands with some supporting onlookers.

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During the 70 days of the Olympic Torch traveling across the UK and Ireland, I am inviting you to join me in seeking the presence of God, and in calling on God to send His power into our lives and our communities. The Olympic Torch may have a flame, but we have the metaphoric flame of God, the Holy Spirit.

I can't help but think of how Ben's experience is like my spiritual life. I try my best at holding God high, but sometimes it seems like it is slipping through my hands. That is when I find I have to try something new. Seek God in another way. Change things so I can keep my grip on God.

Sometimes I have to pause. Sometimes I have to benefit from the support of others. But at all times, my purpose is to continue my life journey with the presence of God. Never letting go.

If you feel like God is slipping from your grasp or reach, try something new. Find a new time. Try reading the Gospels again, maybe starting with the Gospel of Mark, it's the shortest! Find a new location. Get out in nature. Don't answer the phone while you are seeking God's presence. Tighten your grip on God.



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