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Spirit of the Flame - 70 days following the Olympic Torch
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Our office has worship every morning. Not long. A song, devotional thought, and a prayer, including any prayer requests, especially from the Adventist Discovery Centre.

Today our talk was by the groundsman, Gary. In a room half full of theologically trained pastors, it might be presumptuous to expect one of these people to always do the preachy bit. I am glad it isn't the case. A bit like how glad I am when on a Sabbath morning, it is not always the highly trained who lead the Bible study discussion. Others have things to teach pastors too!

It might sound a bit cheesy but Gary's Bible text was about gardening. Well, about a person planting the smallest of seeds, and it growing into the largest of garden plants. ((Mark 8:30-32)).

Gary's train of thought went something like this:
We may not notice the small things, or even they may become an irritation, but if we care for the small things, they can grow into a big delight.

He told a story of an apprentice who once worked with him. The lad was the son of an Anglican vicar. His mother was very active in their church. But the young man felt under pressure to fulfill a role he did not feel happy with. Enter Gary. Gary shared his faith with the young man, in small pieces, continually. One day they were both laid off work. Some time later, Gary happened to bump into the young man, who told Gary that he was now going to church, he had a relationship with God, that Gary had helped him. Not by force feeding him, but by small bite-sized pieces of spiritual reflection.

I thank Gary for sharing his thoughts. It reminds me that I can't experience God all in one go. It's the little moments, continual moments, that progress our relationship with God. 

It might seem inconvenient, or irritating, to interrupt our day with so many "God moments", but it is the culmination of tending the moments, that propagates our faith in God, and in the establishment of faith that we grow our relationship with Jesus.

The Olympic Torch has arrived in Wales today. Join with me in praying for those of faith in Wales, that as they seek the presence of God, that they will grow their own faith, and plant some seeds of faith in other lives.

Happy Sabbath.
Jesus is your destination.



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