Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Adventist Youth in the United Kingdom and Ireland


Spirit of the Flame - 70 days following the Olympic Torch

DAY 30

It's been Father's Day in Ireland and the UK. A day to remember your Dad, hopefully with positive memories.

My eight year old daughter informed me today that I don't have to get a card for today, because my Dad is dead. I understand her child's perspective. She also said she doesn't just have to remember me today, as she loves me every day of the year! I love these simple perspectives...

DAY 29

Tomorrow (Sunday) the Olympic Torch will leave Durham and weave its way to Middlesbrough.

Oh, the clarion sound of Roger Whittaker singing "I'm gonna leave old Durham town" comes racing through my head...

DAY 28

We are thinking about being in the presence of God, especially with the Olympic Torch relay covering the UK and Ireland. It's a good illustration of God being near us all.

I got sent a link today to a newspaper article, that reports on the video antics of a student in the USA, and his team, who record public pranks, and post them on Youtube...

DAY 27

As the Olympic Torch drops south from Scotland to England, our nations remember the 30th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War. 

DAY 26

If you asked me to recount the storyline of "Chariots of Fire" you would get little information. What I do remember is that it was about men of faith and principle...

DAY 25

I was my son's age when the story of baby Azaria and the dingo hit the headlines. An Adventist family was camping in the Australian outback. The mother went back into the tent to check on their baby daughter. But Azaria was gone. The claim was that a dingo, a wild dog, took Azaria...

DAY 24

As the Olympic Torch continues its tour around Scotland, I reflect on a TV programme I saw the other day. "Ade In Britain" is a show where Ade Edmonson, of "The Young Ones" fame, is touring Britain looking for ancient or traditional food... 

DAY 23

As we consider 70 days of praying for and experiencing the presence of God in our lives, the Catholic Church is holding the 50th International Eucharist Congress in the Republic of Ireland. Today, with 20,000 attendees, they held an open air service, with 80,000 expected next Sunday. The congress has as its theme "Communion with Christ and with One Another"...

DAY 22

The Olympic Torch went from Glasgow to Inverness today. Along the way it went through Fort William, the nearest main town to Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland and the UK...

DAY 21

Today has been Global Ocean Day. On their website,, they say, "This year, we encourage you to reach out to young people in your community and help inspire them for the 2012 theme Youth: the Next Wave for Change."