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Spirit of the Flame - 70 days following the Olympic Torch

DAY 10

I had a chance to see some of a TV programme today, Undercover Boss Australia...


From about 5am we rolled along in the car, mingling with, well at times maybe more like we were engulfed by, the cyclists. If you want to face something very irritating, try driving behind a couple of hundred cyclists at dawn, all with their red rear lights flashing! 


I am an owl, not a lark. I prefer late evenings rather than early mornings...


Our office has worship every morning. Not long. A song, devotional thought, and a prayer, including any prayer requests, especially from the Adventist Discovery Centre.

Today our talk was by the groundsman, Gary. In a room half full of theologically trained pastors, it might be presumptuous to expect one of these people to always do the preachy bit. I am glad it isn't the case.


It is one small village I want to consider now. Kingston Bagpuize is an Oxfordshire village, insignificant to me (and the Olympic Torch as it will not visit here), laying about 10 miles south-west of Oxford. But tonight 500 of the villagers will fill a cinema in Leicester Square, London, to watch a film they made...


Have you ever felt like your connection with God was slipping out of your grasp? Then try connecting with God another way.

Ben Fox hobbled and hopped along the main street in Royal Wootton Bassett today. Only having one leg, Ben had to use a crutch to support himself, while carrying the Olympic Torch. At times along the 300m stretch, he had to change hands to hold the torch as it was slipping from his grip...


The Olympic Torch continues its journey. 8000 miles with 8000 torch bearers. I am a watcher of sequences. I like this sequence. Linked to this is the 8.8 million kilometres Evelyn Johnson flew in her lifetime... 


Controversy and debate today with the Olympic torches. Seems some runners are selling them on eBay, even before they have run with them. One is reported to have sold for...


The Olympic torch moved through Devon today. I lived in Devon as a child...


Today marks the start of the Olympic Torch arriving in the UK and starting its journey from Lands End, Cornwall, around the UK, visiting Dublin, Ireland, and finishing up at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on 27 July.

It is symbolic that the torch has three sides....