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PowerUp Student Leader Training

Welcome to the PowerUp online training programme!

Dear Student Leader,

PowerUp is a monthly online training session that seeks to inspire and equip student leaders to be the agents of change on campus, in church and in their local community.

The next training session is on Wednesday 18 December 2018:

In recent years there has been a movement, global and cross-denominational within the Christian community, which has been rapidly gaining momentum and popularity. This phenomenon — which took all traditional churches by surprise and found them inadequately equipped to deal with it — is becoming known as ‘a churchless spirituality.’ It describes those who left communities of faith and yet remained believers. They view the church as something that is optional or non-essential for Christian identity.
This PowerUp session will NOT feature another presentation (like in all our previous sessions). This time you will have a chance to think alongside other students in GUIDED DISCUSSION GROUPS. Each group will be given a task and will be expected to come up with creative solutions how to deal with this growing individualistic trend of churchless spirituality.
To prepare for this meeting, make sure you watch (in your own time and prior to the meeting) the pre-recorded presentation of Dr Tihomir Lazic that responds to the main claims of the proponents of this individualistic trend. He explores the ways in which Christians can engage this phenomenon and use it as an opportunity to deepen, strengthen and achieve a more complete manifestation of the church’s multidimensional relational nature. See:

This is an experimental session. We will try to engage you and stimulate your thinking in new ways. Don't miss it!
This session is not reserved only for student leaders. It is open for ALL those who are interested in a topic and are willing to contribute to our constructive discussion.
Let's journey towards excellence together!

Click here just before the meeting begins and you will be taken to the virtual meeting room where you will have chance to interact and learn something new from other student leaders and our presenters.

Feel free to invite other leaders to join us on our journey towards excellence in student ministry.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Tihomir Lazic, DPhil | Director of Public Campus Ministry
Trans-European Division, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Here is a short preview by Dr.Moon of the new PCM initiative:

12 to 7,000 Global Student Mission Movement from GCPCM on Vimeo.