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Spirit of the Flame - 70 days following the Olympic Torch
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DAY 69

God is with me where ever I go.
For the last 68 days I have been sharing my ponderings as the Olympic Torch has toured the UK and visited Ireland.  The proximity of the torch to the majority of the population inspired me in its example of the close proximity of the presence of God in our lives.  

I was unsure as to what to write about for DAY 69 as I know I would be out much of the day, and I did not anticipate sharing what I have been getting up to!  As some seem to think that a Pastor is available 24/7 and therefore does not have time to have holidays, days/time off, family time, or time off in lieu, I was thinking of not mentioning that I took my son to Old Trafford, home of Manchester United football team, to see two Olympic football matches!

When the tickets were booked (thanks Grant) some time ago, we did not know which teams were to play on which days.  To our joy, having booked the tickets, we discovered that Team GB was drawn to play Senegal on our ticket day!  

I am only glad that 4.5 hours that have passed since the end of the game, and my drive home has given me time to conclude I will not comment on the game; not even the cautious approach of Team GB, the filthy fouling of Senegal, and the lack of consistency from the referee.  Though I did enjoy the United Arab Emirates v Uruguay game!  

While I have been pondering on the presence of God in my life, and wondering what to share with you about day 68, something caught my eye in the stadium.  I saw it first on the big screen, then I spun round to see it for real.  

In the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand (where no one stands any more, it's all seating only!) the chairs are coloured to spell Manchester United.  This is unseen when people are sitting in the seats.  A block in the middle seemed to be reserved, but was at times unoccupied.  The surrounding seats were full.  In amongst all the crowd was the unoccupied gap, which relieved the letters HE.  HE was in the middle of the crowd.  HE was in the stadium.  HE was with us, even if others did not realise!  

Jesus said something to his followers before HE left this earth with the promise to return,
"Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  (Matthew 28:20 (NLT))

I am with you always!  HE, Jesus, is with us always!  HE, Jesus, wants to share HIS presence with us, even if we don't realise it!  

I was moved by what I saw and what I realised God was telling me.  In the massive crowd, with all the noise, so much to keep our attention, I believe God was telling me HE is with me.  And I believe God wants you to know HE is with you too.

HE is with us, where ever we go!  HE wants to be in our presence.

-Pr Nathan Stickland



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