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GC Youth Congress: Stuttgart 2018

The Global Youth Ministries Youth Congress (World Conference for Youth and Community Service) will take place in Stuttgart, Germany from 30 July - 4 August, 2018.

The World Conference on Youth and Community Service is sponsored by the General Conference Youth Ministries Department and occurs every five years.

The overall objectives of the WCYCS are:
  1. To celebrate God’s grace as a global family of Adventist youth.
  2. Foster and develop friendship, community, and global unity among the diversity of nations and cultures that our world church represents.
  3. To experience revival and reformation through a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
  4. To mobilize a global Discipleship movement to extend God’s Kingdom worldwide.
  5. To re-establish Mission as a priority for global youth.
  6. To provide firsthand experience in frontline Mission and Service.

Every young person who is called to leadership needs to be there. All those currently involved in any form of youth leadership, professionals and volunteers, need to be there. All divisions, unions, conferences, churches, and educational institutions are urged to mobilize their young people and their leaders for this life-changing event.

The WCYCS comprises two phases:

During the first phase, the chosen region is saturated with Community Service Projects (CSPs) like orphanage visitation and improvements, construction, HIV/Aids awareness and prevention, school developments, community beautification projects, health expos, sports training, and evangelistic meetings. These will be carried out by participating groups from all over the world in partnership with local youths.

The second phase brings all CSP participants, as well as others, together for a celebration of what God would have done through our youth in the first phase and for the development of global community through small groups, discipleship, focused mission training, and worship in the second phase.

Young people between the ages of 16 and 35 and their leaders are encouraged to attend. All divisions, unions, conferences, churches, and educational institutions are urged to send young people and their leaders to this once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing event.

Master Guide Investiture
During the GYMC, there will be a large investiture for Master Guide and Youth Leadership Master, formerly known as the Youth Leadership Award. All prospective participants will need to be recommended by the conference Pathfinder director or mission Pathfinder sponsor.  This is a unique opportunity for the leaders in training to be invested in a World Congress. This has never been done before and we’ll like to see a massive group of leaders in the Congress being invested and representing the reality of “Give Them the Keys”.

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Registration is likely to open in spring 2017.
For more information, please check the GC Youth Ministries website