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Spirit of the Flame - 70 days following the Olympic Torch
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I am an owl, not a lark. I prefer late evenings rather than early mornings. 

I read this evening that two ladies in South Wales got up at 4am to get a good vantage point to see the Olympic Torch pass by. Just as well I suppose, as the same BBC report said there were crowds out to watch the 6:30am start in Cardiff, and in Caerphilly there were 25k on the streets, and in Swansea there were 20kon the streets with 10k at the celebration event in Singleton Park.

I will probably end up going to see the Torch pass by, and maybe at more than one location, but I won't be getting up at 4am to see it! 

I am an owl, not a lark. Though I will be getting up early tomorrow morning. My wife, Emma, has just left to congregate with over 4000 other cyclists to ride from Clapham Common to Brighton beach, through the night, raising money for the British Heart Foundation. 

Emma is riding with her twin sister and her husband, and between them they are aiming to raise £1000. If you feel so moved you can donate at 

I am very proud of Emma for doing this. And despite her thinking otherwise, I am happy to be getting our kids up at 2am, bundling them in a car, and finding a place in the crowd for their arrival in Brighton.

I am an owl, not a lark. I also heard this evening of someone who gets up at 5am every day to do 30 mins of Bible study. Not the only person I am sure. But not the time of day that I like to get up.

I am an owl, not a lark. So here's the thought; two women get up at 4am in Wales to see the Olympic Torch, I get up at 2am to support my wife on a sponsored night bike ride, others get up at 5am to study their Bible. Actually the time of day doesn't matter, what matters is what you expect by doing something at that time of day.

I am an owl, not a lark. I am not going to prescribe to you a time of day better than any other for you to seek the presence of God, but I am going to suggest to you that when you do seek the presence of God, expect to find Him. It's the expectation, not the time of day, that makes the difference.

What are you expecting when you skip time with God, when you give only a few distracted minutes to God, when you neglect to linger in your reading of the Bible for the presence of God to help you work things out?

I am an owl, not a lark. Maybe it's time for me to turn off Facebook and expect something amazing in the presence of God!



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