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20:20 Jesus

20:20 Jesus

Developing Habits of Service in the Lives of Adventist Youth

You may have read in previous editions of Encounter magazine about an exciting opportunity for you to volunteer for local church, mission/conference, and union activities that provide a chance to get involved in evangelistic or community service projects.

YES Project (Youth Engaged in Service) can be found on the BUC website or go directly via Over time more and more projects will be listed. They may be asking for one day, one weekend, one week, or one month! The idea is that local churches can post invitations for people to come and join in a project they are running, and to list all the mission and conference activities where we can do with your help. This is a diary list of things to help you invest your time in service to God through sharing your faith, or simply improving the lives of people in the community.

As this gains momentum, we
are introducing something that we hope will motivate people not just to get involved once, but to
develop a habit of serving others. ‘20:20 Jesus’ is a British Union initiative to encourage people not just to see Jesus clearly in their lives, but to see what Jesus wants them to be doing with their lives through witness and service, and to encourage each one of you to give 20 weeks of service during your twenties. Twenty weeks in your twenties for Jesus: 20:20 Jesus!

Of course you don’t have to be in your twenties to develop the habit of service, but this initiative will link many other opportunities of serving God and communities. You may choose to get involved in something overtly evangelistic, maybe help out at a summer camp, or get involved in one of the ADRA-UK service trips; but whatever it is this will be an opportunity to consolidate all the opportunities and make it easier for you to find ways of serving God and mankind.

Adventist Volunteer Services generally exists to help people find service opportunities around the world for a few months or more. 20:20 Jesus is an information point for you to see what is on offer, and how you may get involved.

We will be launching this at the British Union Adventist Youth Congress at Easter, and you are invited to attend to find out more about this exciting opportunity. Then keep up to date via our website or the direct web page at

‘20:20 Jesus’ – developing habits of service in the lives of Adventist youth in the UK and Ireland.