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Youth Alive is a programme designed to build resilience among teens and young adults by equipping them to make healthy choices. Through the Youth Alive Programme teens can better understand their gifts and their purpose.

Youth Alive Training will take place in August 2019 for anybody (conference,
Union or local church leaders) who wants to learn how to use the Youth Alive initiative in their work with young people.
Organized by GC/TED, the training will be in two parts:
• First 2 days - theoretical training of leaders

The Leaders’ training has two primary purposes:

  1. Prepare the adult/youth facilitators for the Youth Alive Conference that takes place immediately following the training. The leaders will model during the conference what they’ve learnt
  2. Equipping facilitators to continue Youth Alive clubs at the local level, after they go back home. The final goal is to start Youth Alive local clubs (Friendship groups). The ongoing Youth Alive club in the local church, school, or community is more important for long-term impact than the large conference gathering.

• Last 3 days - practical training - trained leaders will serve as facilitators as part of a Youth conference. All youth can attend conference as participants.
- The youth will be engaged in a positive, large-group experience and training about at-risk behaviours through plenary sessions, workshops, interactive activities, small group support and community outreach involvement. 
Albania 14-18 August (near Tirana) – travel days 13 & 19
Lithuania 20-24 August (Klaipeda) – travel days 19 & 25

Main presenters: Katia Reinert (GC Health Dept), Torben Bergland (GC Health Dept), Julian Melgosa (GC Education Dept), Karen Holford (TED Family Ministries Director), Helgi Jonsson (TED Health Director), Alastair Agbaje (TED Teens Director), Zlatko Musija (TED Senior Youth Ministries Director), as well as other local and international experts.

Youth Alive Conference

15-18 August 2019, Tirana, ALBANIA (travel days: 15th am and 19th)
21-24 August 2019, Klaipeda, LITHUANIA (travel days: 21th am and 25th)
Open for a limited number of youth from other Unions.
Purpose of the Youth Alive Conference:
-  To inspire, motivate, educate and recruit new people into the Youth Alive movement
-  To provide a positive, large-group experience that will motivate leaders and youth to begin an ongoing Youth Alive programme in a club back home
-  To share information through plenary and workshop presentations taught by qualified professionals.
Youth & Health Leaders' Training fee: €200
Conference Registration fee:
€80 (food, accommodation, materials)
There are a limited number of heavily subsidised places available at both of these training courses and follow-on conferences.  Please contact your regional director/sponsor for more information and an application form.

Youth Alive is a youth discipleship initiative designed to build resilience among teens and young adults by inspiring and equipping them to make healthy choices. Many teens and youth today are trapped, becoming enslaved by addictions, violence, pre-marital sex, early pregnancy, and dropping out of school. Youth Alive focuses on nurturing relationships that build resilience against these at-risk behaviours that plague young people around the world. Youth Alive promotes a healthy, purpose-driven life for young people through an evidence-based, positive, peer prevention programme. More information at

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