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British Union Conference Legacy Award

The Pathfinder movement is something very close to our hearts, and we can name many young people who have come to love the Lord Jesus as a result 
of being a part of a local club.

However, clubs would not function at the local, conference, mission or union level without the dedicated service of so many committed volunteers. 


To mark the close of the BUC Challenge Accepted Camporee 2021, and the end of Pastor Dejan Stojkovic's period as British Union Youth Ministries Director, we wanted to recognise those who have given 15 years or more service in this beautiful ministry.

Four different awards to represent the years of service:

  • Crystal - 15 years 
  • Silver & Blue - 25 years 
  • Rose Gold (Ruby) - 40 years
  • Gold & Black - 50 years

The award is intended to be worn on the top left breast pocket of your dress uniform. 

The programme, where the names of dedicated award winners were mentioned, was broadcasted on Sabbath 31st July and you can watch it here -