Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Adventist Youth in the United Kingdom and Ireland


Interactive 3-Week Ministry Course

Have you ever asked yourself how you can reach more people with your message and maximize your impact?

If so, this 3-week (live) online course is for you…

Jay Merrill helps moral leaders 10x their impact so they can invigorate the world with meaning and purpose.

He’ll take you through the first three steps of an effective, 4-step process to 10x your impact through social media:

  •  - Know and align yourself, your purpose, and your message
  •  - Harness your unique superpower to stand out and empathize with your target audience
  •  - Choose your platform and build your base with memorable content
  •  - Mobilize a purpose-driven, change-making community



The course is free.

Registration is essential.

Plan to commit to all 3 weekly sessions for maximum benefit to yourself and others.


Let’s optimize our effort and maximize our impact together!