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Spiritual Gifts - take the test!

Spiritual Gifts - take the test!

Have you ever wondered what your strengths were, spiritually speaking? 
Have you always wanted to have a more active role in church or the community but you've not really been sure where you should get involved?  

This test covers 26 spiritual gifts and was developed for Christian youth and young adults to help them determine their God-given Spiritual Gift(s) and/or Special Talent(s) and find ways to use those gifts/talents to impact their local churches and communities.

Take the test today - you may be surprised by the results!


A Word From The Author


A GUIDE TO DISCOVER YOUR  SPIRITUAL GIFTSI have partnered with the General Conference Youth Ministries Department to provide this abbreviated Spiritual Gift inventory. It includes definitions, inventory statements for your responses, their calculations and clustering of your Primary and Secondary gifts. I endorse this resource while strongly encouraging you to do a more in-depth study and discovery by obtaining a copy of the book, Discover YOUR Spiritual Gifts (, written by Pastor Terrence D. Griffiths and myself. 

I am confident that if you are patient and consistent, the Holy Spirit will lead you to a discovery of His truth for your spiritual gifts. Upon completion of this inventory or after completion of my guide, take a copy of your finding to your Pastor and Personal Ministry Leader so that they can help you find a place to serve within God’s church. If you desire my help you can contact me at

In His service,

Pastor Mark A. McCleary, Doctor of Ministry