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BUC Camporee Follow Up

What a week we had at Pembrey Country Park!  God truly blessed us and brought us closer to him through worship and song.  We had lots of fun, made new friends, and were kept safe from any real dangers or harm.  If you have a testimony, an experience or some feedback you'd like to share with the BUC organisers, please contact us on our email address:

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ADRA Refugee Resettlement Honour Debuts at Camporee

See the photos and some video clips on our Facebook Page: BUC Pathfinder Camporee.  Feel free to tag yourselves!
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And here is a letter we received this week from a member of the public we'd like to share with you - well done Pathfinders and leaders!

Dear Seventh-day Adventists/Pathfinders

I wanted to send a quick email as we (my family and my brother's family) were at The Showcaves in Wales with your youth annual conference last week. As there were a good number of your group in a small location we had the opportunity to interact and chat with various groups during the day. I have to say, I thought every young person and leader I encountered were super considerate, thoughtful and proved to be really decent set of groups from across the country. Their behaviour was exemplary-they  were a credit to your organisation and your church.

I am not at all religious but the sound of some of your groups singing in the caves was a highlight of our holiday. It was beautiful.

If you can pass this message on to your groups that would be excellent. I am a school teacher so I know that working with large groups on trips can be tough, but as I said, the Pathfinders were superb in their behaviour.

I thought I should feedback to you,
Best wishes,