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e-Club Bagpipes Honour

Bagpipes e-Honour

Category: Arts, Crafts and Hobbies





• Learn and know the spelling of the Gaelic/Celtic name of The Great Highland Bagpipe “The
Piob Mhor”
• Learn and share at least 3 historical points about the Great Highland Bagpipe

Components and Function:
• Know the three basic components of the bagpipe
• Draw a bagpipe with the following components:
• Bag, Drones, Chanter, Blowpipe and Mouthpiece
• What does the bagpipe valve stop the air doing?
• What are 2 things that drone reeds be made from?
• Name the 5 pieces and their purpose in the construction of the bagpipe?

General Knowledge:
• Which country produces the cane for the chanter reed?
• What is the most popular type of bagpipe?
• What colours can bagpipe hemp be made in?
• What is the name of the rings which can be found at the connection points on the pipe?
• What type of materials are bagpipe chanters made out of?
• what type of materials are drones made out of?
• Can bagpipes be made out of plastic?
• How long has the current form of bagpipe been around?
• Where is the largest gathering in the world?

Attend or watch a bagpipe performance

Bagpipe Honour, Advanced
• Learn and share at least 7 historical points about the Great Highland Bagpipe
• Who are the primary individuals (region/national) who developed the Great Highland
Bagpipe into their current form?
• Define the functions, and materials of each part of the bagpipe, then choose what material
you would use to make your own bagpipe.
• How many tuning pins can be found on a set of bagpipes?
• Under what classification of instruments do bagpipes appear?
• Name 7 pieces and their purpose in the construction of the bagpipe?

Components and Function:
• What is the name of the white material used for sealing the various bagpipe joints?
• What factors contribute to the bagpipes going out of tune so easily?
• What are some ways to teach and learn the bagpipe?

General Knowledge:
• Share the reasons and approaches to animal conservation in the making of modern
bagpipes, as well as explain why there has been a return to bags made from animal skin.

Attend or watch a bagpipe performance, then talk to the bagpiper.


We suggest that if there are any presentation elements for the requirements you record a video of yourself and include it with your written assessment in your folder.  Your director will check all your work when your club resumes. If all is present and correct, your director can then decide if you may be awarded your honour.

Finished all your requirements?  Complete this form online, print off the confirmation and include in your club folder.

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