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e-Club Bible I Award

Bible I e-Award (Busy Bee)

Category: Spiritual & Heritage



1.      Own or have use of a Bible.

2.      Explain how to show respect for the Bible and how to care for it.

3.      Name the first and last books of the Bible and tell who wrote them.

4.      Tell or act out the following stories:

a.     Creation
b.     Sin and sadness begin
c.     Jesus cares for me today
d.     Jesus comes again
e.     Heaven

5.      Locate, read, and discuss the following Bible verses about Jesus' love for you. Memorize and repeat two of them.

a.     John 3:16
b.     Psalm 91:11
c.     John 14:3
d.     Psalm 23:1
e.     Your Choice

6.      Prepare and act out a Bible story or parable of your choice OR, with a group, recreate a Bible story in some sand.


1.     If possible, see that each child has his or her own Bible. Teach that nothing is ever placed on a Bible and that the Bible is to be kept clean. Show how to be careful and how to handle the Bible reverently.

2.     Same as 1.

3.     Help the Adventurers locate Genesis and Revelation in their Bibles. Encourage them to locate each while a child tells about the author. Play Bible games, use felts, etc. Make this a happy learning experience.

4.     Help the children pantomime or dramatize the stories. Encourage them to make the story "come alive." Keep a box of props, including items such as bath robes, scarves, and a cane to help the children illustrate the Bible characters.

5.     Practise finding the texts in the Bible. Read them together and explain each text so the children can understand its meaning.

6.     Illustrate or act out Bible stories such as Daniel in the Lion's Den, Creation, Garden of Eden, etc., or other Bible story of the Adventurer's choice.


We suggest that if there are any presentation elements of the award you record a video of yourself and include it with your written assessment in your folder.  Your director will check all your work when your club resumes.

Finished all your requirements?  Complete this form online and print off the confirmation for your folders.

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