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e-Club Build and Fly Award

Build and Fly e-Award (Builder)

Category: Arts and Crafts



1.    Make paper airplanes and fly them.
2.    Make a simple glider and fly it.
3.    Make a simple kite, fly it, and explain the safety rules.
4.    Observe four different animals that fly and tell how they fly.
5.    Draw a picture of your favourite flying animal.
6.    Know where the Bible speaks of an angel flying.
7.    Know who were the first successful, motorized, airplane pilots.
8.    Work a crossword puzzle about types of flying.

1.    Teach the children to make their own paper airplanes. Colour or otherwise decorate them and have fun flying them. Have contests where you see which one flies the farthest, longest, etc.
2.    You may wish to use a simple balsa wood kit or make your own from scratch. Have each child put his/her name or initials on his/her glider. Fly the gliders and record the longest flight.
3.    Make a simple, standard kite. Include family help when making and flying the kites. Never fly kites near electric power lines, buildings, trees or around a crowd of people. Use strong string and read the instructions on a purchased kite.
4.    Visit the zoo or see a video about birds, insects, bats, squirrels, fish, etc.
5.    Discuss each picture and let the child tell why (s)he likes the particular creature (s)he drew.
6.    Revelation 14:6. We do not know exactly how the angels fly, but we are told that the children will fly from place to place with the angels. What a wonderful promise!
7.    Tell or read an age appropriate story of the Wright brothers. Explain how they didn’t give up but kept trying until they could actually fly a plane. Persistence paid off!
8.    Give the children a crossword puzzle or similar game illustrating different types of flight.


We suggest that if there are any presentation elements of the award you record a video of yourself and include it with your written assessment in your folder.  Your director will check all your work when your club resumes.

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