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e-Club Carpenter Award

Carpenter e-Award (Helping Hand)

Category: Arts and Crafts



1.      Explain the work of a carpenter.

2.      Name three things that a carpenter builds.

3.      Read the following texts and tell what each carpenter built:

a.       Genesis 6:14-16

b.      Exodus 30:1-3

c.       2 Samuel 5:11

4.      Identify the basic tools required for simple woodworking and explain how to take care of them.

5.      Visit one of the places listed below:

a.       Lumber yard

b.      Hardware store

c.       Woodworking shop

d.      Sawmill

6.      Use carpenter tools to make one of the following:

a.       Birdhouse or feeder

b.      Key holder

c.       Napkin holder

d.      Other useful wooden object

7.      Discuss Jesus the Carpenter and things He may have made.


1.      A carpenter is a person who builds or repairs wooden structures and makes other articles of wood.

2.      Some things that carpenters make are buildings, furniture, toys, etc.

3.      Genesis 6:14-16, the Ark; Exodus 30:1-3, an Altar; 2 Samuel 5:11, the Temple.

4.      Basic tools include a hammer, hand saw, measuring tape, screw driver, chisel, boring tools, and planes. Clean and put away after each use. You may wish to have a carpenter come to demonstrate the use and care of these tools.

5.      This may be done as a group, with parents, or you may have a carpenter visit your group and show types of wood, etc.

6.      Use simple designs for the project you choose. For safety use, use only hand tools. This project must be closely supervised by an adult who can demonstrate how to use the tools properly.

7.      Matthew 13:55 speaks of Christ as a carpenter. Discuss how He may have helped His earthly father make such things as tables, benches, cabinets, stairs, doors, window frames, etc.


We suggest that if there are any presentation elements of the award you record a video of yourself and include it with your written assessment in your folder.  Your director will check all your work when your club resumes.

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