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e-Club Environmentalist Award

Environmentalist e-Award (Helping Hand)

Category: Nature



1.    Recite Genesis 1:26. Explain our role in protecting wildlife.
2.    List three animals that are endangered and explain why.
3.    List three birds that are endangered and explain how you can help protect birds.
4.    Study endangered trees in your area. Plant or adopt a tree.
5.    In your area:
a.    What causes pollution, and list ways you can prevent pollution.
b.    Investigate how and why the pollution happened.
c.    Explain how you can keep from polluting water.
d.    What dangers threaten the quality of air.
6.    Participate in one of the following community activities to help clean the environment:
a.    Take part in Earth Day events
b.    With your group help clear the trash from a roadside or stream
c.    Help collect paper, cans or other materials for recycling.
7.    Create a mural of the earth made new.
1. Discover your responsibility to help care for God’s world.
2.    Draw pictures of and list endangered animals in your area. Check the library for current listings.
3.    Ways to protect birds: Do not harm with sticks, rocks, or guns; never bother or destroy their nests or eggs.
4.    Learn about endangered trees and what causes them to die. Plant or adopt a tree. (Call City Hall if you need help in learning where your community needs a tree.) Or find a green plant and care for it.
5.    Help prevent pollution by: turning off lights, recycling paper, plastics, glass, aluminum cans, using white paper goods, not wasting water, not polluting our water with trash, human or chemical waste. Have children make a poster depicting what they have learned.
6.    Read together some verses from Rev. 21, 22, and Isa. 11:6.
Information on endangered species may be found at a teacher supply store or through the Audubon Society or other environmental organizations, including the publishers of Ranger Rick, Nature Scope, and National Geographic World.arn how butterflies live and eat.Collect pictures, stickers or photos of butterflies that live in your state.
Discuss and draw the life cycle of the butterfly.
Memorize John 3:7 and discuss the story of Nicodemus in John 3.
Make one of the following crafts:

    1. A butterfly on the sidewalk with chalk.
    2. A torn construction paper picture of a butterfly
    3. A butterfly in the sand or snow
    4. A butterfly mobile
    5. A butterfly magnet
    6. A butterfly made with beads
    7. A butterfly made of colored tissue clipped together with a clothes pin.
  1. Learn a song about butterflies.

We suggest that if there are any presentation elements of the award you record a video of yourself and include it with your written assessment in your folder.  Your director will check all your work when your club resumes.

Finished all your requirements?  Complete this form online and print off the confirmation for your folders.

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