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e-Club Peacemaker Honour

Peacemaker e-Honour

Category: Spiritual Growth, Outreach & Heritage
Skill level: 1

WATCH THE ONLINE TUTORIAL HERE  DURATION 27 minutes (f you are less than 16 years of age, please ask an adult before viewing items on YouTube).

PEACEMAKER E-HONOUR WORKSHEETS - with kind permission of SEC PF Dept. 

The Power Point shown during the online tutorial has worksheet links for download and Wiki helps.


1. Define conflict and discuss the difference between good and bad conflict.

2. Identify the 4 causes of conflict as described in the Bible. Read the following passages for assistance:

a. Acts 15:22-20
b. 1 Corinthians 12:12-31
c. Genesis 13:1-12
d. James 4:1-3

3. Identify each segment of the slippery slope of addressing conflict, and discuss examples of each type from the Bible and your own experiences.

a. Escape – Denial

• Blame Game
• Run Away

b. Attack

• Fight
• Gossip
• Put Downs

c. Conciliation

• Over look
• Talk it out
• Negotiate

4. Reverse role-play a conflict from your own life and identify where you are on the “slippery slope” and what possible conciliation options you might try.

We suggest that for the presentation elements of the honour you record a video of yourself and include it with your written assessment in your folder. 
Your director will check all your work when your club resumes. If all is present and correct, your director can then decide if you may be awarded your honour.