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e-Club Touch Honour

Touch e-Honour

Category: Health & Science



  1. Label and explain the functions of the three main parts of the skin:Epidermis, Dermis, and Subcutaneous tissue (Hypodermis)

  2. Define the following receptors in the Somatosensory system that enables the sense of touch.

    a)    Mechanoreceptors

    b)    Thermoreceptors

    c)    Pain receptors

    d)    Proprioceptors

  3. How much of the body does the skin occupy?
  4. Why is touch important to human interaction and life development?
  5. Explain how the sense of touch changes with age.
  6. How do you protect your skin and is it affected by different temperatures?
  7. What is Hypoesthesia? What do you think it would be like to live without a sense of touch?
  8. Do Cosmetics help or hinder your skin?
  9. Define the following skin disorders/conditions:

    a)    Eczema
    b)    Actinic keratosis
    c)    Rosacea
    d)    Warts
    e)    Cellulitis
    f)     Psoriasis

  10. Explain how tattooing can damage the skin and discuss what the bible says regarding marking the body.
  11. Explain how the Bible illustrates touch from each of the following perspectives:

    a)    Defilement - Numbers 19:22 / Leviticus 5:2-3
    b)    Strengthening and encouragement - Jeremiah 1:8-9 / Daniel 8:18
    c)    Healing and grace – Matthew 8:3 / Mark 5:18-29 / Luke 6:19
    d)    Healing and grace – Matthew 8:3 / Mark 5:18-29 / Luke 6:19

  12. Define and know the difference between safe and unsafe touch.
  13. What other areas or parts of the skin are more sensitive than others?
  14. Explain some ways in which the sense of touch can be used to convey emotions and what percentage of the time can people communicate via touch?

We suggest that if there are any presentation elements for the requirements you record a video of yourself and include it with your written assessment in your folder.  Your director will check all your work when your club resumes. If all is present and correct, your director can then decide if you may be awarded your honour.

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