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Global Youth Day 2014


On 15 March 2014, 8 million Adventist youth will leave their pew and engage in a day of active service - serving their church and their communities. 

What could you do to get involved?  Got an idea but no clue how to see it come to fruition?  Contact us and see if we can help!

What Can I Do?

Tips for Global Youth Day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Make a list of prospects

You probably know lots of people who would appreciate a nice slice of kindness. Start with your local congregation or a sister congregation. Do you know a struggling college student? How about a widow(er) living alone for the first time in 30 years? New mom? New young couple? Teenager? Retirees? Preacher and his family? Sometimes we overlook opportunities in our own backyard, while we are gazing over the fence.

Identify true needs

It doesn’t have to be big hairy need, just a need. Hold the door for the lady with the buggy. Share your umbrella with an elderly person walking to their car. The next time you are baking an apple pie, make a mini one for the widow next door. Needs are everywhere. We simply need to keep our eyes and ears open.

Go for meaning over money

Godly works don’t have to be a budget buster. Expressions of affection or gratitude can be among the most meaningful and memorable of all Godly acts of kindness. A phone call just to say hi, a friendly wave, a few extra minutes of your undivided attention. These gestures are free, but deeply valuable. In essence, you are giving the gift of YOU.

Put together an “Act of Kindness” tool kit

Just because an act of kindness is random, doesn’t mean it has to be spontaneous. Equip yourself with the tools you need to seize the moment.

Set Goals

Using your list of prospects, write down some realistic and specific goals about the number and types of acts of kindness you want to perform. Your goals will also help you determine items you need in your toolkit. Be careful not to over commit your time or resources or you may get burned out. You are trying to develop a lifelong pattern of Godly works. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race.

Make it a group activity!

There are several great reasons to enlist others. It’s a great way strengthen your sisterly bonds and make new friends. You can take advantage of each other’s skills and abilities. You can hold each other accountable. And finally, it’s fun!

Take some cues from the Bible

Just a few of the kind acts seen in the Bible are: making clothes, providing food and drink, carrying a load, hospitality, and words of encouragement. Of course, the most important is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Word of God inspires, guides, and admonishes us toward good works.

—Adapted from an article written by April Main (