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Global Youth Day 2017

Global Youth Day is over for 2017, but in case you missed it, here is the broadcast from Newbold College, featuring lots of events and activities from around the British Union! You all did so well and we hope that even more young people can get involved in this global movement next year! Watch the video for some inspiration and get planning!  Please speak with your local conference youth director or mission sponsor for details of available funding and be ready to 'Be the Sermon' in 2018!

Global Youth Day will took place on Saturday 18 March 2017.
This is the first Sabbath of the Youth Week of Prayer (18-25 March).

The vision of GYD is to recapture the reality of Adventist youth as a global movement mobilized for service, contributing to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel and ushering in the second coming of Jesus Christ. There is a lot more to religious faith than simply going to church and listening to sermons. The true practice of religion involves the revelation of God’s love in living out Jesus’s gospel commission as He bade us to before He ascended to heaven: through all manners of selfless acts that point a desperately needy world to the ultimate hope of the better world He has made possible for us. Grounded in the concluding words of Jesus in the parable of the Good Samaritan, “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:25-37), the theme of the Global Youth Day is “Be the sermon.”

How will you get involved where you live? 
Here's one idea - the
Great British Spring Clean: Need more ideas?

Please contact your regional youth office
for advice, support and the possibility of some funding for your fun, creative and inspiring Global Youth Day project.

Download promotional banners, logos, T-shirt designs here.

You can download the app so you and your project team will appear on the global map. 
To view the iPhone app, click here.
To view the Android app,
click here.
he activity you share through the app on March 18th will pop up on the Global Youth Day homepage map right here.

Jesus told a story about a man in the street that needed help. Two church leaders passed by, doing nothing. They were too busy or too holy to get involved. Then an ordinary guy saw the man in the street and stopped to help. Jesus asked, “Which of these three, was a neighbour to this man?” They answered, “The one who stopped and helped.”
The story that Jesus told is as important today as it was 2,000 years ago. Together as Adventist young people, we are called by God to make a difference in our world. The people we pass in the street today are just as in need of God’s love as the man in Jesus’s story.
We are called to see, to feel, and to take action. God forbid that we pass by, or that we leave the people in our world needy and neglected.
As Adventist youth our 8 million stories are part of something bigger. Global Youth Day brings us together as champions for the cause of Christ. Jesus commanded, “Go, and do likewise.” But we have to choose if we will answer the call.
On Global Youth Day millions of Adventist young people came together to change our world by loving others and helping those in need. They were bold and courageous in spreading the Gospel. They said “yes” to Jesus’s command.
On March 18, 2017, 8 million stories will come together again, as one voice, answering the call to “Be the Sermon”.