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Global Youth Day 2018

Global Youth Day - 17 March 2018

The Global Youth day is back, the day when thousands of Adventist young people from around the world engage in acts of service in their local communities.  Watch the video below for more ideas so your local youth group and church can also get involved in projects with a theme of Food & Water. 

More info:

#GYD18 - use this on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Every 2 hours during the live broadcast the team will identify stories from around the world which have been posted using that hashtag, so don't forget to post your project on the day.

There is no app this year due to development projects in the pipeline, but the new website will be mobile friendly.

Remember that you are encouraged to go out and Be The Sermon for the day, whilst keeping the sanctity of the Sabbath in the projects you plan. Helping those in need was never in question for Jesus.

If you need some inspiration or you already have a super project which you could continue long-term in your community, please do speak with your conference director or mission sponsor about it.  There is some financial assistance available, but the deadline for applications has now passed. Please remember when making plans for next year (and let the incoming AY team know) that they will need to submit their applications in the first week of January 2019).

Click here for the page where you can download promotional materials (you can print your own T-shirts etc) and download more GYD resources (you'll need to scroll down the page for the downloads). You can also order T-shirts from the US here, but please be aware of delivery times from abroad.

Global Youth Day Themes by Year:
2018: Food & Water
2019: Prisoners
2020: Strangers/Homeless/Refugees
2021: Patients
2022: Clothes

Global Youth Day 2018 Promo from GC Youth Ministries on Vimeo.