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TED Master Guide Camp 2015


This will be the fifth Master Guide Camp (MGC) These camps have taken place bi-annually since 2007 and have been held in the following countries:
2007 – Holland
2009 – Britain
2011 – Denmark
2013 – Britain
2015 – Slovenia

The MGC camps were the result of some of our long time Pathfinder leaders both seeing a need, and having a desire, for a camp just for leaders – where leaders could share their Master Guide experience. Build on fellowships made at the Camporees, form new networks with other leaders, share skills and also discuss relevant issues to Pathfindering in Europe.
It is not a camp to train Master Guides or to fulfil Master Guide requirements – as each country has their own training programme with varying different points of emphasis – but it is most definitely a camp to inspire, encourage and build upon the Master Guide experience.
We hope you might be inspired to attend this year, for what promises to be our largest MGC to-date and we are planning for an attendance of 100 or more.

About the Campsite: Sobec
Our hosts for MGC 2015 are the Adriatic Union and the Slovenian Conference. They have a team of staff, under the direction of Andrej Zelenko, to help run the camp and to care for the local logistics. Programme assistance will also be given by Peter Dekker, and others from the Netherlands, who were the hosts for the very first MGC.
Camp Sobec is a large campground where we will have a separate part of the site all to ourselves. The address of the campsite is as follows:
Kamp Šobec, Šobčeva cesta 25, 4248 Lesce, Slovenia.

Who Can Attend and How to Apply:
The camp is for existing Master Guides, Master Guides in training or leaders and key club personnel (in countries where there are not yet Master Guides) aged 18 and over.
The fee for the camp (see application form) includes the site fee, activities and also food. Travel and travel insurance (visas if needed) are the responsibility of each applicant.
To book a place, please complete the online registration forms and return to the BUC Youth Ministries Department.

Payments: You can either post in a cheque (made payable to BUC) and with the event name on the back, or you can call the Youth Ministries office on 01923 672251 to pay via a credit card.

The registration fee is £65, you will have to arrange your own travel & travel insurance.  Fees are non-refundable and bookings must be received by 20 March 2015.

What to Bring:
Each participant will need to bring their own camp equipment comprising of, small tent, sleeping bag, carry mats and Pathfinder Uniform, other clothing and eating utensils. You will not need to bring cooking equipment or food. Tents should be small and lightweight and suitable for travelling.

How the Camp will be Run:
As mentioned above, the aim of the camp is to enable Master Guides to share their experiences and expertise. From that perspective we’ve arranged the programme in such a way to enable you to do exactly that. Upon arrival we will, as much as possible, arrange and mix all participants in small groups with whom you will camp, eat, and share your particular skills. Each small group will consist of several nationalities. If you are sharing a tent with someone from your own country then we would need to know in order for us to plan the small groups appropriately. We would like to suggest you camp in small “one-person” tents, however we understand if this is not possible.

A unique feature of TED Master Guide Camps is that during the programme there are two “skill-exchange” sessions. All participants are encouraged to bring along 2 skills (one appropriate for Sabbath and one for any other day) they have learned either while training for the Master Guide level or something you have developed according to your own interests. (You will however only share one of these skills). The sharing will take place in your small group only and the concept is that you’ll share one skill and get 8 or 9 back from other members of your unit. The skill can be of any kind, whether it be marching and drilling or just teaching other particular knots. You’ll have approximately 10-15 minutes to teach/share your skill. We need to know your skills in advance so we can plan the small groups and make sure you’re not all doing the same thing. Please provide as much as possible your own material. If you need particular material however and you’re not able to bring it along, feel free to contact us.

Foodstuff is provided to be cooked according to a menu. A key part of each MGC is that the food is cooked in the units in the same way as a pathfinder club would do at a camporee. This is part of the pathfinder experience.
On arrival each unit will be provided with a box of equipment, cooking pots etc and a stove/gas cooker. Food will be delivered/collected for each meal and all are expected to take a turn/take part in the preparation, cooking and washing up etc.
If anyone has any serious food allergy please let us know on your application form. All food will be vegetarian.

Please note that whereas the programme will open on Thursday evening 7th May and officially close on Sunday evening 10th May. For those coming long distances the final meal will be served on Monday morning 11th May and then people can return home.
The draft outline programme is as follows:

Thursday May 7, 2015
14:00 Arrival/set up camps in units with tents/shelters.
17:00 Foodstuffs for first meal
18:30 Suggested time for Units to finish cooking and eating dinner
20:30 Opening Ceremony for all participants

Friday, May 8, 2015
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Morning watch in Units
09:45 First Skill Exchange within Units
10:45 Snack break
11:00 Unit Assignment: “Building a transportable Flag pole from pioneering timber and rope.” (Materials provided)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Workshops
17:30 End of Workshops
18:30 Dinner
20:30 Central meeting
21:30 Free time/Campfire time/Sleeping time

Sabbath, May 9, 2015
08:30 Breakfast
10:00 Service
11:00 Break
11:30 Sabbath School (“The Alternative Way”)
12:30 Break with Pie, Cake (made with Dutch Ovens)
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Skill Exchange
16:00 Break
16:30 Vespers
18:30 Dinner
20:30 Central meeting
21:30 Free time/Campfire time/Sleeping time

Sunday, May 10, 2015
08:00 Breakfast + preparing packed lunch
08:45 Morning watch in Units
09:15 Workshops
11:15 Leave campsite for touristic trip to Bled
12:30 Lunch @lakeside or @castle
15:30 Return to campsite
17:00 Official closing ceremony

Travel details:
Those coming by car or bus should make their own way to the campsite
For international travellers arriving by air we will endeavour to make arrangements for a bus/mini bus transfer from Ljubljana airport. To make this possible we will need to know your flight details well in advance of camp. Where a transfer is not possible you will be informed of local transport from the airport to near the site.
Please note that there will be a cost to the transfer and this will be extra to the camp fee. Once we know the numbers you will be advised as to the costs. As a guide this should not be more that €10 each way.

Anyone with an EU Passport doesn’t need a visa. In the case of other Passport holders please check your travel requirements – if a visa is required you will need to complete the passport information form and return to the BUC Youth Ministries Dept. before 20 March 2015 (earlier if possible). A Letter of Guarantee will be completed for you and you will need to submit this with all your visa application paperwork at the Slovenian Embassy when you make your appointment.

Other Details:
Further details of the camp will appear on the MGC Facebook event page. Please be sure to link in to this to keep up with the latest announcements and also to meet others who will also be going.
The MGC website is up and running again and more details will be posted there through the coming weeks