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e-Club Social Media Honour

Social Media e-Honour

Category: Vocational




  1. What is social media?
  2. Define the following types of social media. Give a current example of each one as applicable.
    1. Internet forum
    2. Text messaging
    3. Social network service
    4. Social blogs
    5. Podcast
    6. Social bookmarking
  3. What are some distinct advantages of using social media? In your evaluation, include the advantages of social media within the context of:
    1. Personal relationships
    2. International family and/or friends
    3. Prayer requests
    4. Journaling important events
    5. Evangelism / witnessing / spiritual development
  4. What are the disadvantages, dangers and pitfalls of using social media? Include in your discussion how each of the following or their equivalent creates challenges for a Christian person using social media.
    1. Bullying
    2. Data collection by unknown third parties
    3. Targeted marketing / advertising
    4. Gaming
    5. Addiction
    6. Publicity of information once posted online
    7. Posting information that may affect future employment
  5. Discuss with a group the importance of maintaining your integrity when posting information about yourself as well as responding to posted information about others. Include the following topics as a part of your discussion:
    1. Ethics
    2. Personal safety
    3. Parental accountability
  6. Discuss with a group how social media can be used to engage the following different types of learners:
    1. Visual
    2. Auditory
    3. Read/Write
    4. Kinesthetic
  7. Discuss what each of the following passages say about communications (social media). How can we use that guidance in our communications when visiting social networking sites?
    1. Matthew 24:14
    2. Matthew 28:19
    3. Ephesians 4:29
    4. Proverbs 15:28
  8. Read Philippians 2 concerning the character of Jesus Christ.
    1. Review your social media profile to see if it reflects those characteristics that you would want others to view.
    2. Create steps to enhance your profile and related content that can reflect the character of Christ.
  9. Create a presentation, speech or game that shows what you have learned about social media while earning this honor. Share this presentation with a group.
  10. If your church or Pathfinder club uses social media for advertising the church and its ministries, assist with an update and learn the process of updating that social media page. If your church or Pathfinder club does not use social media, discuss with the leadership why they don’t.


We suggest that if there are any presentation elements for the requirements you record a video of yourself and include it with your written assessment in your folder.  Your director will check all your work when your club resumes. If all is present and correct, your director can then decide if you may be awarded your honour.

Finished all your requirements?  Complete this form online, print off the confirmation and include in your club folder.

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